St. Anne's First Grade College for Women

Accredited by NAAC

Affiliated To Bengaluru City University

Anti Ragging Cell

The Anti-Ragging Cell at St Anne’s First Grade College for Women was formed in order to avert the occurrence of any kind of ragging that affects the mind and environment of the students within the institution. The Cell has formulated strict rules and regulations for students to avoid actions that disrupt the mental peace of students and help build a friendly environment where students co-exist peacefully.

Under laws in India, ragging is defined as
  • Any disorderly conduct by either by acts or words spoken, the effect of which is teasing, treating or handling with rudeness any other student.
  • Any rowdy or undisciplined activity, which causes annoyance, hardship or psychological harm.
  • Raise fear or apprehension thereof in the minds of juniors.
  • Asking the students to do an act or perform something, which such student will not do in ordinary course, which has the effect of causing shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect the physique or psyche of a junior student.

As depending upon the vision of our St. Anne’s First Grade College for Women, the Anti-Ragging Cell ensures to create an atmosphere of a sensitive and liable outlook amid the students about the cause and effects of indulging in ragging.


In St. Anne’s First Grade College for Women Ragging is precisely forbidden. If found guilty in such type of activities rigid force will be taken irrespective to the degree.

  • To raise awareness about ragging and its effects on the psyche of a student.
  • To avert ragging juncture and repetitiveness.
  • To rapidly and rigorously pact with the circumstances of ragging will be conveyed to concerned authorities.
Anti Ragging Cell Report

pdf Anti-Ragging-Cell-Report