St. Anne's First Grade College for Women

Accredited by NAAC

Affiliated To Bengaluru City University

Principal's Desk

Life is a gift from God Almighty and it is the responsibility of every human being to make it a gift to God. St.Anne’s First Grade College for Women at Miller road, following our motto “Love and Service” guides every girl who enters our portals, to make their academic years the best channel to realize the best in them- mind, body, soul and spirit and thus to make it a gift to God and to the society through right thoughts, right actions, right behaviour and proactive and productive life.The same is resonated in the words of Mahatma Gandhi who said “education is the realization of the best in man - body, soul and spirit.

Our founder a great visionary and missionary Bishop Stephen Louis Charbonnaux of 18th century, promoted life and higher values reaching out to the needy brethren in the society, through education and care of the sick. His primary focus was education and empowerment of girl children and women. We at St.Anne’s First Grade College for women, following the footsteps of Jesus our supreme Guru and our founder strive to empower women. Every girl who enters the Annite family is motivated and guided at every step in and outside the class room that they become transformed and empowered to empower their own family and then society contributing towards an empowered nation and citizenship in the service of the country.

“Higher education provides people with an opportunity to reflect on the critical, social, economic, cultural, moral and spiritual issues facing humanity. It contributes to national development through dissemination of specialized knowledge and skill. Our teaching fraternity through their commitment and dedication bring out the best in every Annite focusing on the above aspects of higher education. Quality is not an act, it is a habit, says Aristotle. We insist on ‘quality’ as the integral part and centre of every endeavour. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru the first prime minister of independent India said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”. We help every Annite inculcate values from class room as a learning portal.

One of the important aims of higher education is the training for leadership in the profession and public life. We inspire the Annites and provide ample forums to become effective leaders – leaders who will lead and follow in their professional world and public life and in their own family being the best, being a blessing for everyone who is part of their life. The Annite ambience foster in the teachers and students and through them in society the ethics and values needed for developing and maintaining the good life that every human being aspires for.

In the journey of empowering every student, we help them to move from ‘Good to better, better to best’ as the saying goes in the words of St. Jerome “never ever let it rest, till your good is better and your better is best”.

Welcome to every young girl who aspires to be part of this Annite family at Anne’s First Grade College for Women, Miller road, Bangalore!

Dr. Sr. Aneecia

M.Sc, Ph.D(Psychology)